Community Risk Reduction

The City of Dayton Fire-Rescue prioritizes the "Community Risk Reduction" philosophy.  An emergency prevented, or handled promptly, often produces the best possible result.  The department offers public education and fire codes enforcement to reduce exposure to a catastrophic property loss or death.

           Public Education:

  • Fire Prevention programs tailored to the specific needs of the most "at-risk populations" in our community.
  • Fire extinguisher training is available community wide, including industries and businesses.
  • Smoke Alarm installation program.
  • CPR and First Aid training through the American Heart Association is available as scheduling permits.                     
           Fire and Life Safety Codes Enforcement:
           Fire and Life Safety Codes Enforcement is another avenue by which the City of Dayton Fire-Rescue         
           promotes the health and safety of Dayton's residents and visitors.  While codes enforcement has     
           traditionally been regarded with negative connotations, the DFD's "3-E" approach is very customer

  • Engineering:  The department reviews plans prior to construction to ensure compliance.
  • Education:  The DFD seeks to increase safety awareness through education.
  • Enforcement:  The DFD strives to make this the least used element of an inspection.
           The department has two State of Tennessee licensed Fire and Life Safety Inspectors.  Currently, the
           department enforces the 2012 International Fire Code and the 2012 NFPA 101:  Life Safety Code.  For
           questions concerning fire and life safety codes of to schedule an inspection call (423) 775-8402

           The department also utilizes the Knox Box rapid entry system.  Information concerning the Knox Box system can be found at or by calling (423) 775-8402 (Monday-Friday).