Tracy Blevins, Police Chiefdayton_pd_text_large
P.O. Box 226, 1191 S. Market Street
Dayton, Tennessee 37321
Phone: (423) 775-8403    •    Fax: (423) 775-8437
Central Dispatch: (423)775-3876
Hours: Monday - Friday 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.

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If you have a general police question, or need an incident report, email us at police@daytontn.net and we will help you.  As always, all traffic accident reports can be obtained (after 5-7 business days from the accident) at www.purchasetncrash.gov

For Codes Enforcement call 423-775-8403


Tracy Blevins, Chief
Steven Rievley, Lieutenant
Michael Green, Investigator
Eric Ewton, Investigator
J.C. Byrd, Sergeant / Training
Josh Jordan, Sergeant
Landon Thompson, Sergeant
Allen Reed, Sergeant
Bruce Spradling, Patrolman / SRO
Jeff Hancock, Patrolman / SRO
Bobby Huffman, Patrolman / Traffic
Eric Swafford, Patrolman / K9
Tyler Wooden, Patrolman / Bryan Campus
Jayden Serrano, Patrolman
Joe Dupre, Patrolman
Jason Woody, Patrolman
Christopher Weyler, Patrolman
Dustin Tilley, Patrolman
Chad Ramsey, Patrolman
Joel Jones, Patrolman
Blake Wright, Patrolman
Bobby Scott, Chaplain
Adam Griffin, Animal Control Officer
Chanda Wilson, Office Manager

The goal of the Dayton Police Department is to protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdictional limits. It is the Department's role to enforce the laws in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutional right of all persons.

Situations such as open doors or windows, vandalism, burglaries, and alarms often occur and are discovered after usual business hours. In these instances the City of Dayton Police Department would need the business owner or an employee to respond to assist with securing the building and contributing necessary information for report purposes. The purpose for providing the Business Emergency Contact Form to the City of Dayton Police Department is to assist them in locating business owners or responsible employees when and if a problem arises.