Effective immediately all garbage intended for collection by the City of Dayton shall be placed in Class I or Class II containers.

Class I containers are defined as a residential refuse container constructed of strong and durable material, rodent and insect proof, and not readily corrodible. They shall have a capacity of not more than thirty two (32) gallons and not less than twenty (20) gallons, and when filled shall not weigh not more than fifty (50) pounds. Residential refuse containers shall be equipped with handles on both sides to facilitate emptying and shall be equipped with tight fitting lids or covers constructed of the same material of such design to preclude the free access of flies and insects and to prevent containers from collecting water during rain or snow. This class of containers shall include plastic bags but the plastic bags shall be the type manufactured for this use and shall be of sufficient thickness and strength to support the contents during handling and loading into the packer trucks by the sanitation workers. All plastic bags shall be securely tied at the top.

Class II containers is defined as a dumpster with a capacity of 3 - 6 cubic yards which remains at the point of collection designated by the City.

Our sanitation workers cannot safely pick up your garbage if it is not in one of these containers. When the City comes to pick up your garbage if it is not in one of these containers we will not pick your garbage up. The City of Dayton does not supply bags, Class I containers, or Class II containers.

(This information is in the Dayton Municipal Code, Title 17, Refuse and Trash Disposal, Chapter 1, Uniform Refuse Disposal which can be viewed at the Dayton Municipal Building, 399 First Avenue, Dayton, TN.)

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