Water Testing

Customer Alert

No company is under contract with the City of Dayton Water System to conduct any water quality tests from your home or property.

If you receive a call or mailing regarding home water testing, be advised that these are usually solicitations from independent companies who want to sell water conditioning or water filtration systems to you. While they have the right to do so, you can be assured that your drinking water has already been treated, filtered and disinfected to meet or exceed all state and federal regulations.

The City of Dayton Water System conducts hundreds of water quality tests each year at the water plant and in the distribution system. These tests include microbiological, total organics, synthetic organics, volatile organics, total trihalomethanes, total haleoacetic acids and inorganics such as lead, copper, nitrate and sodium. Daily tests include alkalinity, pH, harness, chlorine residual, turbidity and fluoride. Please review the Water Quality Report that is posted on this website.

Color, Taste or Odor Problems?

If you are concerned about your drinking water or if you are experiencing a taste or odor problem, please call the Water Treatment Plant at 775-8415.