Park Fields

The City of Dayton furnishes and maintains 11 ball fields, 6 tennis courts, 1 football stadium, 1 basketball court and 3 soccer fields. All fields and facilities are under the supervision of Will Tholken.

Bicycles, roller blades, skates, skateboards, and pets are not allowed on the tennis courts.

The address to the Delaware Sports Complex is 556 Delaware Ave.

Ball fields

Three ball fields are located on Cherry Street and are used by Little League girls ages 5 through 12. The other four fields are at the Delaware Avenue Complex. Three of these fields are used by the adult leagues and the fourth is used by school age baseball and has a grass infield. All fields are very well lit and have restroom facilities. The lights at the Delaware Complex can be controlled by tokens (Tokens can be obtained at the Dayton Fire Department for $7.00).

Also located at the Delaware Complex is a college size basketball court which also has lights that can be controlled by tokens.

The Delaware Complex also has 3 soccer fields at this location.

pickleball is located at 170 Walnut street. 


The football field is located at Fourth Avenue behind Chattanooga State and the RC3. This facility has lights and restrooms.


Six tennis courts are located at the Delaware Complex. All courts have lights and restroom facilities.